Have you noticed how frequently we are seeing repetitive patterns right now, on everything? Whether they are made of straight lines or more flowing curves, the repetition of a single motif is used to create a simple pattern or an all-over visual effect.

On fabric: I particularly love how these drapery panels have been pleated – if you look carefully and let your eye follow the panels from the bottom to the top, you can see that the fabric has been manipulated to create a new pattern within the original one.  Yes – it is the same fabric on the pillows! When you are selecting fabric for window treatments, it is very important to consider how the pattern will look when it is pleated or gathered on a rod.  Working with a well-qualified drapery workroom, that pays careful attention to this detail, can mean the difference between pattern success or pattern failure.


In furniture:


On wallpaper:


In artwork:

Wall art

And it’s a hot pattern for stencils, if you prefer to create your own fabric and wallpaper alternative.

At what point would you consider a pattern “enough or too much of a good thing”?